Diet & Nutrition – Fuel for your Body

Food is our body’s one and only source of fuel. Would you put diesel into a Ferrari? Probably not. Similarly, we need to make sure we’re putting the highest quality fuel into our bodies.

healthy prawn salad Dietitian Brisbane Nutrition InformationMost people know what foods are healthy, and which are less so. Many of our clients say they know what they should be doing – the just have trouble actually doing it. There is so much information around, and so many different approaches to healthy eating, that many people simply find themselves confused or overwhelmed, even though they might be very knowledgeable.

Our nutritionists are passionate about helping you learn to trust your own judgment. Diet and nutrition can be like a puzzle. Working out the final few pieces of a puzzle is often the most difficult part – our nutritionists can help you do that.

Poor diet and lifestyle lead directly to many common health problems: weight gain, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, sluggish bowels, and unhealthy hair and skin. Long term, inappropriate diet and lifestyle choices can lead to more severe health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, anemia and osteoporosis.

“Dietician Brisbane – fuel your body with the highest quality food.”

There is a common misconception that a balanced diet is one that involves avoiding certain foods. In fact, a good diet is one where all foods are eaten – in a balanced way – to make sure the body is getting all the nutrients it needs. No single food will provide all the essential nutrients to keep your body healthy and functioning efficiently. If you are interested in weight loss, this is no less true. Chances are you’re losing weight for health reasons – so you need to make sure your diet plan is a healthy one. A nutritionist can help you achieve that.

dieticians brisbane Dietitian Brisbane Nutrition InformationThe building blocks of a healthy diet are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These are closely followed by the body’s vital helpers: vitamins and minerals. Every essential nutrient has an important role to play in helping the body function properly. Not eating from each food group may ultimately be damaging to the body.

As dieticians in Brisbane, it is our business and our passion to help you understand, practically and simply, how to actually have a ‘balanced diet’. Many of our clients will come in just to check up on their food intake, and ensure they are ticking all the nutritional boxes. While we hope to educate our clients to have confidence in their healthy eating choices, it also makes sense to come in for a ‘tune up’ once in a while – just like you service your car.

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Print out this food diary template to record everything you eat and drink over a week