Ever Heard of Maca Root?

Ever heard of Maca root? No? Well listen carefully because it may just be the boost you need!

Maca root is a nutritionally dense super-food that is rich in B vitamins (including B12), calcium, magnesium as well as all of the essential amino acids. Because of this, it is no wonder the Peruvian army used to feed it to their army to provide them with increased energy, stamina and endurance.

To add to all of this, Maca can be used to help balance hormones by nourishing the hypothalamus and pituary glands – which assist to keep balance in the adrenals, thyroid, pancreas and ovarian glands. Maca is an adaptogen so it doesn’t add hormones to your body but instead responds to what the body needs on an individual basis to regulate it. People may find Maca beneficial for all sorts of hormone problems such as PMS, hot flashes and perhaps even fertility. And here’s the kicker… one of its best known functions is that it is known to improve libido (especially in men) which is why it has been nicknamed ‘nature’s Viagra!’

Who would think that a simple root could do so much!

I recommend starting at around 1/2 tsp per day and gradually increase it to 1-2 tsp per day. I just add mine to a smoothie or you could bake with it in cookies or goodie balls! (Of course, always consult your practitioner/dietitian before starting a new supplement).

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