Looking After Your Smile

Looking After Your Smile

Nutritionist brisbaneHealth and well-being come from nurturing yourself in a variety of different ways, and one great way to achieve this is by smiling.

We were given a great reason to smile recently when Bupa Dental Insurance​ approached us to contribute some expert advice to a blog post about the reasons why smiling is beneficial to your health. It was so rewarding to have our nutritional work recognised in this way, and we wanted to share some of our tips with you.

Get the Most out of Your Smile

When you’re happy, it’s automatic to want to share this emotional response with other people. The most effective way of sharing your positive feelings is by smiling, which at the same time makes you feel even happier! Try it for yourself. Even on those days when you’re not feeling 100%, step outside with a smile on your face and see the joy spread around you.

Smiling promotes a reaction in the brain which triggers feelings of happiness and well-being. A radiant smile will appeal to everyone around you and increase your own confidence in every area of your life. As you walk down the street with a smile you’re sure to get a few in return, which can help you feel more confident.

Healthy teeth are integral to a beautiful smile, and this can be improved with your diet. There are a number of foods you can eat that are highly beneficial for your dental health.

Foods that are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus will help to strengthen your teeth and give you more confidence in your smile. Calcium can be found in green leafy vegetables, cheese and yogurt. Dairy produce is also a great source of phosphorus, as is meat, particularly chicken.

For ‘just some of the benefits of smiling, be sure to check out the article by the same name from Bupa Dental Insurance. It’s packed full of great tips and advice from leaders in the beauty and health industry. In itself, it could bring on a smile! Check it out and see if it works for you.

Taking care of your dental (and mental) health could help to give you a radiant smile that makes you feel good about yourself. You won’t be able to help but share the happiness.

So what are you waiting for, get that smile on your dial!