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Tapioca Pudding with Mango & Coconut Salsa

Tapioca is a starch that is extracted from the cassava root. Processing of the cassava root to extract toxins results in a diluted liquid which is dehydrated and shaped into pearls. Tapioca is most commonly known for it’s use in the ground variety which is known as arrowroot. Arrowroot is…

Berry Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a great option when you are on the go, as it can be prepared in advance and left in the fridge overnight. Enjoy this recipe as a breakfast option, or half the serving size to have as a snack.

Frozen Berry Yogurt

Have your dessert and eat it too! The kids will love this delicious and easy snack (or dessert) this summer. Also an excellent source of dairy that provides calcium to keep healthy bones and teeth.