An Inspiring Thank You from a Wonderful Client

I will admit it – I got goosebumps and was close to tears when reading this. There is no better email to receive than one of gratitude such as this.  I am humbled and yet so excited to share this inspiring thank you from one of my clients.

I am so proud of how far Mark (and his wife Annette) have come.  Since writing this note, he has completed two more half Marathons (one in Auckland) and his new goal is to one day complete a full Marathon!  He has told me that if he had his life over again that he would become a Nutritionist!

I wanted to share this with you as a motivator to inspire you that anything is possible – no matter your age. 


Dear Julie,

When Annette and I first walked into your office, you asked us both what our goals were. Annette said she wanted to shop for smaller dress sizes and I said I wanted to run and paddle faster. Well, last Saturday and now 22kg’s lighter, that was more than achieved – ½ Marathon in 1:53 finally smashing the 2 hours. Absolutely an amazing feeling – OK I got a little emotional. I haven’t been at this weight since I was a teenager!

It’s been said that the older you get the harder it is too loose weight, now I disagree. If it is made simple, it’s achievable and to me that’s the stand out with your approach to weight loss. With a blank sheet of paper (coloured of course!) you penned what you wanted Annette and I to do – portions, protein and fibre. Also the snacks in between meals activating my metabolism made a big difference here. Eating less but more often, I find myself not starting a meal starving (like before) just hungry. When I finish a meal (mainly evening meal), I could still eat more but I choose not too as I’m no longer actually hungry.

Another stand out for me was that you weren’t representing or endorsing numerous dietary products as other weight agencies tend to do. Namely good nutritious food – Just eat unprocessed real food along with regular exercise.

Looking in the mirror in the change rooms trying on new clothes (as I had to ditch my entire old wardrobe!) I must say is a fantastic feeling – almost nudging a 6-pack without going to a gym. The comments I get from Annette’s, my and my kids friends is that “you look great”! Across the board, this really does a lot for one’s self confidence.

Julie, it’s easy to see why New Life Nutrition is so successful – Your bubbly and positive personality is very motivating and after each session both Annette and I would often comment this to each other – you made us feel good!

Now I’ve reached my goal weight and Annette is still a work in progress and I know she will get there. On a personal note, I would like to thank you very much for the simple changes that I needed to make to my lifestyle and approach to good nutritious proportionate eating.

Mark Haling – Very Happy Customer