Dietitian Fees Brisbane – What will it cost?

dietitian fees Fees & RebatesDietitian & Nutritionist Fees, Charges, Rebates:

Our consultation fees:

  • Initial consultation (45 min) – $95
  • Review Consult (20-30 min)– $70
  • Subsequent (15 min) – $55

Concession Cards – $10 discount will apply for these consultations


Senior Dietitian (Julie Masci) fees are as followed:

  • Initial consultation (45 min) – $120
  • Review Consult (20-30 min)– $80
  • Extended Review (30+ min) – $100

Concession Cards – $20 discount will apply for INITIAL consultations with Julie$10 discount on REVIEW sessions with Julie


*Discounts for couples and families available


Most private health funds will provide dietitian rebates on individual consultations.   The rebate will depend on your level of cover. Please contact your health fund to see what rebate you will be entitled to.   No referral is needed to see us when claiming with private health.


With some chronic conditions, your GP may choose to refer you through a Team Care Plan. If this is the case, you can get a rebate for your appointment under the Medicare initiative. New Life Nutrition does not usually bulk bill for these services, except under special circumstances. You will need to pay for your consultation in full, and approach Medicare for your rebate. Currently dietitian rebates are $52.95 a session. Discuss your eligibility for this referral with your doctor.


New Life Nutrition is a provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). If you have a Gold Card, you will not have to pay for your visit to the dietitian, and home visits may be available. If you are DVA eligible, please see your GP for a referral before visiting the dietitian.

You do not need a referral from your GP to see a dietitian if you are a private patient.

Cancellation policy:

Please provide 24 hours notice if you unable to make a scheduled appointment.

Failure to attend an appointment is unfair to other patients and takes up the practitioner’s time unnecessarily. Unfortunately, if you do not attend an appointment and have not provided 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full cost of the appointment.

We do appreciate, however, that short notice is unavoidable in some circumstances. Discretion will be exercised in such cases.