Dietitian Fees Brisbane – What will it cost?

dietitian fees Fees & RebatesDietitian & Nutritionist Fees, Charges, Rebates:

Our Dietitian Consultation Fees*:

  • Initial Consultation (45 min) – $155
    • This is a standard initial consult.  For weight loss, IBS, diabetes, cholesterol.
  • Extended Initial Consultation (60 min) – $195
    • This is for patients who need (or want) more time.
    • Those who would like help with eating disorders, sports nutrition, food intolerance investigation, complex gut issues, have a complex medical history, newly diagnosed coeliacs.
    • When things are a bit more complicated, we’d rather go through things properly and develop a plan of action than be rushed!
  • Review Consult (30 min)– $85
    • Reviews are where the magic happens!
    • Most patients will require this as their review booking.  This gives us time to analyse what is going on, develop strategies and educate.
  • Short Review Consult (15 min) – $70
    • This is a quick catch up consult.

Concession Cards –  $15 discount will apply for the above INITIAL consultations;  $10 discount on REVIEW sessions

Work with Julie Masci (Senior Dietitian and Digestive Wellness Coach)

  • Initial Consultation (45-60 min) – $240
    • Our initial consult with our senior dietitian will range depending on what you are seeing her for and the complexity of your condition.
    • Julie is very thorough and will ask you a lot of questions in your initial consult!  She will go through all of your health and gut concerns, food and medical history and personal goals.  From this, she will develop an action plan with strategies to start to get you on track!
    • This consult is perfect for those who need assistance with chronic gut issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and reflux.  Julie also works with those who have difficulty with weight loss, insulin resistance, hormone concerns, endometriosis or who have a complex medical history.  Julie loves to work with those individuals that nobody else has been able to help! 
    • To ensure a complete picture, Julie may request additional blood or functional gut testing to be completed after your first consult. She will also personalise a supplement regime as required to support your progress and healing. Meal plans can be designed and tailored to you.  These are an additional cost.
  • Review Consults (30 min)
    • Reviews are where the magic happens!
    • This gives us time to analyse what is going on, develop strategies, develop mindset, adjust our plan as needed and educate you for long-term sustainable wellness.
    • Julie sees her patients every 2-3 weeks initially.

Digestive Health Coaching Packages – Your Path to Wellness!

Julie has designed a series of high support coaching packages to help you get long lasting relief from your symptoms and to reach your health goals!  This is the best way to get the results you desire as fast as possible.

You get to work with Julie intensively in her 3 or 6 months programs to feel supported to finally get relief from your specific struggles.  Julie will guide you with individualised testing, feedback, protocols and personalised support on your gut health journey. Julie will guide you every step of the way.

These packages include 12 months access to Julie’s comprehensive online gut health program as well as pre-booked appointments at times that suit you best, communication between consults, functional testing, meal plans and supplements.  These are not included in standard consultations.

*Prices effective from 14th July, 2022


Express Acute Consult – $75 – (Consult to be paid at time of booking)

  • The choice for people who:
    • Needs a new or repeat supplement prescription for a current issue.
    • Have one very specific issue that they would like addressed eg sleep issues, muscle cramps
    • Needs immune support due to a cold or flu, injury or other acute condition?
    • Has a quick question about your treatment plan?

    An Express Acute Consult is a 15 minute consultation over the phone with Julie.  It is a focused, micro session designed to address a pressing concern.  A practitioner quality supplement prescription will be provided via our online dispensary.

    It is not appropriate for long-standing, complex conditions or symptoms that require comprehensive review and deeper discussion including:

    • Diet and lifestyle management
    • Review of all of your current concerns
    • New programs



Most private health funds will provide dietitian rebates on individual consultations.   The rebate will depend on your level of cover. Please contact your health fund to see what rebate you will be entitled to.  No referral is needed to see us when claiming with private health.


With some chronic conditions, your GP may choose to refer you through a Team Care Plan.  If this is the case, you can get a rebate for your appointment under the Medicare initiative.  You will need to pay for your consultation in full, and then a rebate will be submitted via Medicare at the time of consult.  Currently dietitian rebates are $56.00 per session. Discuss your eligibility for this referral with your doctor.

New Life Nutrition does not usually bulk bill for these services, except under special circumstances.


New Life Nutrition is a provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). If you have a Gold Card, you will not have to pay for your visit to the dietitian, and home visits may be available. If you are DVA eligible, please see your GP for a referral before visiting the dietitian.

You do not need a referral from your GP to see a dietitian if you are a private patient.

Cancellation policy:

Please provide 24 hours notice if you unable to make a scheduled appointment.

Failure to attend an appointment is unfair to other patients and takes up the practitioner’s time unnecessarily. Unfortunately, if you do not attend an appointment and have not provided 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full cost of the appointment.

We do appreciate, however, that short notice is unavoidable in some circumstances. Discretion will be exercised in such cases.