New Life Nutrition in the Media

Grocery Guru (2014)

Crunching Numbers

Time to crack the calorie code on some of your favourite savouries. . .

Prevention Magazine (2013)

Blending versus Juicing

Juicing and blending is all the rage these days, so which is better?

Nature & Health Annual Nutrition Guide (2013)

Food Myths Exposed

Set the record straight on five of the biggest food fallacies. . .

Weight Watchers (March 2012)

The Experts

What they wish you knew about. . .

Weight Watchers (March 2012)

Beat Sneaky Kilos

Is a niggling problem standing between you and weight loss?

Weight Watchers (November 2011)

Remake Your Diet

How to whip the weight gain before it gets worse.

Weight Watchers (November 2011)

Change Your Body Destiny

Is secret eating hampering your weight loss?

Weight Watchers (May 2011)

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Why revamping the pantry, fridge & freezer could be your best new weight-loss weapon.

Weight Watchers (April 2011)

The Money Trap

Loosing sleep over those credit card bills? Learn how money worries can also affect your waistline.

A Current Affair (Mar 2011)

Burger, Hold the Bun

Julie Masci spoke with ACA about the latest fast food offering.

Weight Watchers (Mar 2011)

Breakfast Ideas

Do you need to rethink breakfast? Let dietitian Julie Masci come to your morning rescue.

Weight Watchers (Feb 2011)

Kids Party Survival Guide

“Eat something before the party, like a tub of low-fat yogurt or a handful of trail mix” Says Dietitian Julie Masci. An empty stomach means your more likely to make a beeline for the food

Weight Watchers (Dec 2010)

Love Food?

Savour it, urges Dietitian Julie Masci. “By slowing down the eating process, fullness can be achieved much earlier in the meal” she says

Part 2

Love Food?

“Ditch the all or nothing healthy eating attitude” Masci says. Don’t ban food groups or beat yourself up if you make an unhealthy choice – aim to make a better food selection at your next meal.

Retiree Article

Q & A with Julie Masci

Is it true that berries are being called the new super food? If so, are any berries better than others?

Our Brisbane (June 2009)

Fabulous Eggs

“Eggs have iron, calcium, zinc, a variety of B vitamins, protein as well as antioxidants,” said Julie.
But what about the theory that eggs are bad for the heart?

Our Brisbane (June 2009)

Which Jam

Dietitian Julie Masci said the name of jams can help us choose as they refer to the way the contents are prepared.

Our Brisbane (June 2009)

Drinks Pyramid

“Water is on the bottom of the pyramid so it’s what we should be drinking most of. It’s kilojoule free, sugar free, fat free and overall is just the best choice for us.” says Julie

Our Brisbane (June 2009)

Mens’ Vitamins

Every individual will have different needs but Julie said there are specific vitamins that directly relate to certain groups of men.