What To Expect From Your Consultation

Our dietitians and nutritionists will help you eat healthily. A one-to-one consultation will allow us to assess your needs and provide you with a personalised plan to regain control of your diet and eat your way to health and happiness.

We will guide and support you in making the best decisions about what foods will enhance your health and suit your lifestyle.

What to expect from an initial consultation

  • individual consultations Individual ConsultationsWe ask lots of questions to complete a detailed nutritional health assessment.
  • Within this, we collect information about medical history, lifestyle habits, dietary pattern and current health and wellbeing goals.  Food loves and hates are also looked into to ensure no deprivation (or torture) occurs.
  • We also ask questions to better understand the presence of  problem areas and triggers for food intake eg poor energy, sugar cravings, emotional eating – so that they can be worked on in future sessions and incorporated into the diet plan.
  • From this, we develop a dietary plan that combines practical and achievable strategies that are personalised to the patients specific needs.  By the end of your first visit, our dietitian will provide our clients with either a tailored meal plan or personalised eating guidelines – depending on the patients preference.
  • We end the consult by doing basic body measurements and weight (if required) so that we have a baseline to work with and a starting point from which to make goals
  • Doing our initial consults in this way means our patients can immediately get started working on their goals and seeing results

What to expect from a review or follow-up consultation

Managing the way you eat usually involves ongoing care and attention. Some clients find that they are able to get all the information and help they need in their initial appointment, but most will benefit from ongoing appointments. Usually these appointments are between 1 and 4 weeks apart — the frequency will be discussed in your initial consultation, and decided on by both you and your dietitian.

In follow-up sessions we will help you monitor your progress, continue to motivate and help you towards your goals, and provide you with extra information and advice.

Making changes to the way you eat can seem overwhelming. Ongoing sessions with your nutritionist will help you feel as though your goals are achievable (and they are!). Research shows that regular sessions with a qualified nutritionist help people really achieve their goals, compared with trying to do it alone.

The number of review sessions will be determined by your personal needs, and any extra motivation or information you might need.

Phone and email consults are also available upon request

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