Weight Loss – Practical Solutions to get you Off the Dieting Cycle

Weight loss Brisbane Weight Loss BrisbaneNew Life Nutrition has a weight loss mantra: there is no point arriving at your destination if you haven’t learnt how to get there.
Many of our clients are concerned that a visit to a dietitian or nutritionist – or adherence to any kind of weight loss program – will mean they will have to give up all their favourite foods. This is simply not true! Our dietitians are firmly against depriving their clients of yummy foods, and in fact encourage people to eat what they love.

Our dietitians work closely with weight loss specialist Professor David Carey, which means that we are up to date with the very latest research and weight loss techniques. Our metabolic assessments take place in Professor Carey’s clinic.

With extensive experience in weight and body fat loss and an emphasis on personsalised programs to suit your lifestyle, our dietitians have additional training in health coaching and psychodietetics (the impact of diet on mood and behaviour). We will explore all areas of food and weight loss to ensure the best results for you.

We provide practical lifestyle solutions that are simple and easy to follow. Many of our patients have unsuccessfully tried lots of diets before they see us. In consultation with our dietitians and nutritionists you can make a change for the better, and finally get off the dieting cycle.

Views on Weight Loss Brisbane

lose weight brisbane Weight Loss BrisbaneAs nutritionists, dietitians and food lovers, we work on the theory that permanent weight loss can only come about if you eat what you like, but actually take the time to taste what goes into your mouth. There are, unfortunately, two major hurdles to putting this theory into practice in our society: guilt and time.

Somewhere along the line, we seem to have decided that there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, and we feel guilty when we eat ‘bad’ foods. There is no bad food – only good, better and best. Food guilt can make us feel as though we’ve blown it anyway, and lead to overeating. Our nutritionists say that if you want to eat so-called ‘bad’ food, make a conscious decision to eat it – and then enjoy it! See how much better food tastes if you eat it with no strings attached.

We live in a time-poor society. Unfortunately this makes us feel as though we don’t have the time to sit down and eat. Studies have shown that twenty years ago we spent an average of 33 minutes over our evening meals. Now that time has shrunk to a mere 14 minutes and 27 seconds. As a result, we often go for ‘quick and tasty’. But we don’t give ourselves enough time to actually taste the food. Not tasting the food means we never really feel full or satisfied, so we keep trying to fill that void with more quick food that we won’t taste – what a waste!

Guilt, Time & Weight Loss

Essentially these two things, guilt and time, come down to how we think about food. Working out whether you are an emotional or secretive eater, or whether you eat because of stress, revenge, boredom or tiredness is essential to knowing where to start. A poor relationship with food is very often linked to a poor relationship with our bodies and eating styles. Building healthy eating and lifestyle habits has less to do with what we are actually eating, and more with how and why we are eating. Many popular diets do not consider this very important factor, and it is not uncommon for it not to have crossed the minds of our clients either.

Knowledge is, of course, also essential. But with thousands of diets out there, healthy eating can be a difficult path to navigate – it’s no wonder everybody is confused. Confusion often leads to a lack of confidence and a feeling of failure, and can end up meaning clients gain rather than lose weight. Clearly this kind of diet knowledge is not always helpful! The key to weight loss is having a good understanding of basic food and how to make that food work within your own lifestyle. With some tips from our nutritionists you will develop this understanding, and, in the long term, you won’t need a ‘program’ to be healthy.

A healthy diet is one that you can maintain forever, and that means being able to eat what you want. But to be able to do this, we need to redevelop our ability to listen to the signals our body gives us. As a weight loss clinic, New Life Nutrition is passionate about treating each patient as an individual, and providing them with an action plan and strategies tailored specifically to them. There is nothing generic about what we do with clients, because there is no one-size-fits-all diet.

Exercise is also an important part of any weight loss program. However you choose to increase your fitness – be it through a personal trainer, boot camp, cycling or whatever else – we can help you tailor it to suit your lifestyle. Link to exercise phys/gyms

In follow-up consultations we track our clients’ progress through weighing and measuring, but we also have a strong focus on food education. We teach people about portion sizes, food energy values, label reading, navigating the supermarket and how to eat out and still lose weight. Knowledge about nutrition is only helpful if it can be applied to everyday life – and this, we believe, is the most important step.

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