Welcome to New Life Nutrition

New Life NutritionWelcome to New Life Nutrition!

I am Julie Masci – an accredited practising dietitian and the director of a private practice in Brisbane.  From a proud Italian family, you can only imagine that I have been surrounded by food my entire life (and yes I am still struggling to convince  my father that olive oil doesn’t have its own food group).

I am passionate about nutrition, health and wellbeing and as a result I use every ounce of energy I have educating and infusing the same enthusiasm into the patients I see.  After all, food isn’t just about eating – it’s about the thinking, the choosing, the tasting and most importantly the enjoying.  From this we get well nourished, happy and healthy people.  And this is what I plan to be blogging about in future – the ‘ins and outs of food and eating’.

I will of course also be posting my comments and views to recent nutrition topics in the media, reviews of new recipes and products I have tried as well as general banter about interesting topics that pop up, especially those revolving around weight loss, nutrition myths, IBS and food intolerances.

I must admit that I am quite excited to finally be writing as it has been a long time coming.  As the Summer of 2011 comes to a close, new and exciting things are happening and I’m busting to share them.  Firstly, we have just launched our brand new website whichFood Intolerance you’re looking at right now!  Please let me know what you think (and if you need a web designer recommendation I have just the man for you – he is amazing to work with!).

On top of this, tweeting has also become ‘my new thing’ (@julie_masci) and I have met some amazing ‘tweeps’ via this ever growing network.  Who would have thought that you could have nutrition and food discussions with complete strangers and experts in other states and countries – how the world of food has developed from the lowly afternoon cooking shows (sorry Huey).

Well that’s enough from me for now but expect to hear from me regularly each week.  In the mean time, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook and let me know if there are any nutrition, health or food topics/products you’d like to know more about.

I’m looking forward to sharing my life of nutrition with you.